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Help & Info about AOL for windows

  • Is AOL free to install?

    This type of messenger is absolutely free to install. While users were charged subscriptions in the past, they are now able to enjoy its benefits at no charge whatsoever.
  • Will AOL be supported by Windows 10 operating systems?

    The majority of products are currently compatible with Windows 10 systems. However, it is important to note that specific bundles such as OnePoint and System Mechanic may encounter issues when running on this updated version of Windows.
  • How frequently is AOL updated?

    The good news is that this software bundle is updated quite frequently. Not only will these upgrades be used to adapt to newer operating systems, but any minor bug issues can likewise be addressed.
  • Is AOL safe to use?

    As AOL is one of the older software bundles, security is always a real concern. Developers make it a point to monitor any emerging threats. Users can likewise adjust internal firewalls and similar settings in order to match their preferences.
  • Is there a version of AOL available for mobile phones?

    There are versions of this software specifically designed to be used with mobile devices. Please make it a point to note that both iOS and Android systems are now supported. Navigate to their official download page to choose the correct bundle for your requirements.
  • Can AOL be used together with Mac operating systems?

    This software can be used with Windows and Mac devices. The only prior requirement is that one will need to have an active account. The program will then be able to be installed.
  • Can I still access my old version of AOL Instant Messenger?

    Beginning on 15 December 2017, users will no longer have access to the standard AIM messenger system. However, other basic services will not be affected. These include member subscriptions, personal email and the Desktop Gold bundle.
  • How do I cancel my current AOL account?

    In order to cancel an account, first sign in with your existing username and password. Navigate to the "Manage My Subscriptions" section after answering the security question. You will then be presented with the option to cancel your account. The provider will ask you to provide a reason for your cancellation.
  • How can I tell which version of AOL is installed on my computer?

    In order to tell which version is currently present, click the on start button and then select "All Programs". Highlight AOL or America Online (depending upon the operating system). Then, choose "System Information". You will be shown which version is currently operating as well as when it was initially installed.
  • Is AOL equipped with a built-in Internet browser?

    Not only does this software package function as a live messenger and an email server, but users have the option to utilise its very own browser. Search functions are similar to those offered by other major providers such as Google and Bing. It is also possible to switch back to the default browser by accessing the "Internet Options" section within the Control Panel.


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